Welcome! The creative studio is an on going work in progress about the process of creating.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to the Creative Studio!!

                                          This is a blog for and about Creativity.

In the 80's I did my thesis on the creative process and I have been fascinated about it ever since. I am a photographer and an artist and sometimes I like to combine the two into mixed media.
This blog is where I will peroidically post images and discuss my creative process, sometimes it will be art related and other times I will focus on photography. The posts will be based on whatever I am working on at the time. I will also pass on information, quotes, books, links etc that I come across regarding creativity.

But more importantly I would like this to be a place for a dialgoue with all kinds of creative people about their work. So please leave comments and tell us about your creative process!

One of the formats that will also be posted here are interviews with various creative individuals. I have designed a questionaire and have already interviewed two artists, a writer, and a crafts woman. I will post sections from these interviews and future interviews from time to time. At some point I hope to edit the interviews and I would like to publish them either as an article or in some kind of book.

For my first post about a creative project of mine, I thought I would share with you how I made one of my logos.
Below is the logo I designed for my Photographic Art business. I created it in Photoshop and it is a composite of 3 separate photographs I took. I made a mask and used the gradient tool to combine the images. (It helps to make a note of what you have done and attach it to the image so you can check back later - which is what I just did.) Then I added the text - it was an adventure choosing from all the available fonts online for the logo text. It was great fun blending these images together and one of these days I would like to make a painting of it.

You can see this image at my website: http://www.photographycreated.com/ and at twitter -artcrearted.

Please post comments, suggestions,opinions, etc. to share with others. Links to your website/blog are welcome! This blog is for you just as much as it is for me!