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Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7th Small Stones

no sound
patter of kitten paws
love the sound “ brrrrrrr" kittens make sometimes when they run

Text above is my stone for the day but I had to include this photo as  I shot it this afternoon with my Canon point and shoot rather than with my Nikon.  I am very impressed with the quality of detail.  At some future date I will clean up the flash shadow.  Everything on this blog is a work in progress.


  1. what a lovely cat (and stone)! I would find her inspiring too if she lived with me!

  2. Gorgeous cat, and a brilliant picture too! We had a cat who always made that 'brrr' sound when you spoke to her. That was the thing I missed the most when she died, but sometimes I can still hear it when I think about her. x

  3. Oh, she is beautiful! How elegantly she has her paws arranged on the cover - she's a true poser! Your stone describes the grace which even kittens possess.