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Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Small Stone of January

It has been a wonderful experience posting a photo with written words that were inspired by  the River of Stones event.  Usually I would see something and the words would come and then I would grab the camera, sometimes the words came as I was photographing and sometimes the words gelled more as I was looking at the photograph.  Always I was strongly drawn to something to reflect on whether the words or the photo happened first didn't seem all that important as both processes were about reflecting and being inspired.

I have not posted anything in the past week although I do have some photos I shot but the business of life and people interfered with more reflection and uploading.  Will post some of these at a later date.

I hope to post a photo and a  small stone at least once a week from now on.
I wish to thank Fiona and Kasper for creating The River of Stones.  If you wish to learn more they posted this in their last email:
" You can join our Facebook page here. Follow us at Twitter at @ariverofstones and use the #aros hash tag if you tweet your stones."  They also plan to do it again in July.

So far there is no photo for this stone but may add one later.

Pink bands of clouds
covers the sky
as a flock 
of swallows 
race by.

Think Creative Thoughts today!!

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