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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New York Impressions part one

I am in New York for most of January and I thought it would be fun to post photographic impressions of the city that I have been shooting with my point and shoot canon camera.

My favorite thing to do in New York is to walk around the city.

There are a few vistiges of Christmas left.

Walking along Lexington Ave, I came across these cute puppies in a pet store window.  These are actually registered pups with the American Kennel Assoc and not from a puppy mill -  I went inside to ask.  They are so cute.

Please take me home!

 Double Trouble!

While I am here I am taking a drawing class at the Art Students League on 57th and 7th.  Many years ago my grandmother studied there and when I was a child she was constantly talking about the place and the teachers; so it is an amazing experience for me to take a class all these years later.  At some point I will  take some photos of the school.

One night walking home from the league I photographed some store windows:

Then of course we have the glitz along 5th and Madison Aves

 How is this for a fancy cell phone - unreal!

I just love this all white piano!

 That's it for now.

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