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Friday, January 27, 2012

New York Impressions Four - Museums part one

I finally made it out this week to see some art.

This lovely drawing is in the stairwell of the Morgan Library.  I wasn't able to see who the artist was.  The Morgan library is a lovely museum in JP Morgan's home.  http://www.themorgan.org/home.asp
They have different exhibits through out the year.  He had at least three libraries in the house which you can see.  In one of them is a vault where he kept his most valuable books.   
The present exhibits include "Rembrandt's World," which consists of lovely dutch drawings done during the 17th century.  Some of them are very small with intricate detail and I spent a long time looking at the lines and marks they used.  A very enjoyable show.

My second most favorite place in New York is the Metropolitan Museum of  Art (the first being of course - 
Central Park.
I have photographed the Temple of Dendur many times as it is one of my favorite exhibits in the museum.  Jacqueline Kennedy was responsible for it coming to the met.


These statues always put a smile on my face:

An abstract reflection in the reflecting pool in front of the temple:


On the wall to the right there are some lovely fragments from Armana:

And a headless man in the Egyptian Hall:

Every time I visit the Met I find more amazing things to look at it.
I moved on to the rooms of  the 19th-20th century European Art where I saw some paintings that I had not seen here before:

Of course I was drawn to this painting "The Horse Fair;" Ms. Bonheur did a superb job of rendering many kinds of horses in different positions.  This photo is just a detail from the paining.

 There is a whole room filled with paintings by Camille Corot.  What a treat to see the originals!

The Islamic wing at the Met opened last Fall.  I found the architectural elements in the rooms stunning, especially this window: 

This ceiling was in one of the rooms - because the room was so dark, the image is slightly out of focus:

 The following images are some artifacts:
 I really like this one - almost like an abstract painting:

Only one of the elements is shown here:

Tombstone in the Form of an Archtectural Niche

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